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While AI models like ChatGPT also demonstrated market proficiency through text analysis, NeuroFinance AI takes it to the next level. Our meticulously designed models, trained exclusively for the stock market, not only consistently outshine the S&P500 but also give you room to interpret and make your own decisions based on our metrics.

Each NeuroFinance AI model is specialized in a specific data type – whether it’s textual information or financial data. This means you’re in complete control, understanding exactly on what basis our AI makes its analyses. No more hidden black-box algorithms. With NeuroFinance AI, you’ll gain transparent insights, empowering you to make informed decisions.

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How to use it?

We have three main models analyzing Earnings Calls, Quarterly reports, and Year-over-year financial changes. These models provide positivity and negativity metrics, indicating confidence in stock growth or decline over the next 90 days. Stocks with high positivity tend to outperform the market making our data invaluable to any investor. Positivities of all stocks are available in the main table of our screener. 

Here is how to use it:

To better understand our product refer to our quick video guides:

Building a market-beating portfolio using our models

Screening stocks and interpreting the model

For in-depth insights into the metrics and the data sources behind them, you can explore the how to use it section. Within the usage subsection, you’ll find detailed information on leveraging these metrics and get access to past performance statistics.

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Our results:

If you were to buy stocks with positivity higher than and days after the metric appears in the screener you would have gotten a 0%* advantage over the market.

*based on the past 7 years of historical data

Discover our performance graph, showcasing the journey of the portfolio made using stocks with positivity over 95% from each of our models. In the long term, this portfolio consistently outperforms the S&P 500.

Our AI analyzes:

Earnings calls

Get information from earnings calls in which companies' key executives discuss key perspectives

Between-the-lines insights drawn from dialogs of key executives and largest investors can reveal hidden prospects for future growth.

Investor communication

Inside evaluation

Market guidance


Year-to-year financials change gives an understanding of a current trend in company's business

Financial indicators can predetermine stock’s future direction and their analysis can be very informative for an investor, and even more so for the AI.

Fundamental view

Performance trend

Risk assesment

Quarterly report

Receive insights from management's discussion and analysis section in the latest quarterly report

Quarterly reports are the main fundamental driver of stock performance and their analysis can be very insightful.

Insight into Strategic Direction

Regulation & legal matters

Non-Financial metrics


Why settle for black-box predictions when you can unravel the rationale behind every decision? Our commitment to interpretability ensures that you, as an investor, not only receive predictions but also gain insights into the ‘why’ behind them.

In the realm of earnings calls and quarterly reports, our AI doesn’t just provide one metric – it deciphers the narrative. Identify crucial phrases and sentiments within earnings calls and reports that significantly impact a company’s outlook. Uncover hidden opportunities and potential risks.

Financials model extends its interpretability to financial indicators, bringing clarity to the intricate world of numbers. Illuminate the growth or decline of specific financial indicators. Uncover the performance metrics that contribute to the overall positivity or negativity of a stock.

Interpretation is available after a free registration. To know more about interpretation visit the how-to-use-it page.

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